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June 4th, 2004

coffincurse @ 10:06 pm: hey..!
hey gals, i thought i'd introduce myself!

my name is stacy, i'm from huntington beach, ca. i'm 25 years old. yer basic monster loving nerd girl!

check out my journal at corazon

so yeah i'm a girl with lots of tattoos and a septum piercing. i like art, old punk and reggae, psychobilly, my pets, sewing, tiki bars, pinup girls, movies!, reading... i wear lots of black... but i'm a happy and fun girl. i'd love to meet the gal of my dreams, but i'm always looking for new friends!

wanna be pals??

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June 2nd, 2004

child_of_air @ 11:39 pm: SKinny Puppy
Just bought tickets for Skinny Puppy on Saturday night, the 3rd of July @ Henry Fonda. Who else is going? I think the tickets are worth the 27 bucks- as I've been waiting to see Skinny Puppy for years. (Not the side projects, but Skinny Puppy.)

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May 22nd, 2004

641th_goldfish @ 03:30 pm: I have always felt that bisexuality was just a new form of breaking down barriers, and in fact, our evolution as a species. Why not just see people as people instead of imposing gender biases on them at first glance with "male" or "female"? Through my eyes, everyone is just another human being, with the possibility to amaze and delight me with their personality as well as their flesh. I like to look at our community as a group of forward thinkers who have grasped a larger piece of the big picture. So thanks to you all and everyone have some fun tonight!

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May 21st, 2004

anathrax @ 09:44 am: WOW
It has been exactly a month since I last updated my journal. Total coincidence I swear..but I am very dissapointed that this community didn't grow like I hoped it would, ohwell more word of mouth now that I am back on here. I am glad that you guys are here though :) yaya!~

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May 1st, 2004

angel_electric @ 10:30 pm: eight days in L.A.


i’m coming from toronto to los angeles for eight days: from [may nine to may sixteen]. i’ve not been to the states since two weeks prior to THE 9/11 so. presuming i make it across the border and past airport security with a minimum of harassment and disaster, i’ll be in L.A. for the first time in my life. the novelty of the experience is so thrilling.

i’ll be working as a stylist for a SKINNY PUPPY video scheduled for shooting during that timeframe and i’ve been instructed to dress a group of dancers up so that they look “authentically gothic.” what i’ll actually be doing is dressing them up to look like delicious boy and girl renditions of myself of course (ha). i don’t consider myself “gothic” really but the average god-fearing law-abiding general citizen of the republic might.

in any case what i need is some information >> advice, tips, suggestions, details in terms of “cool” places to go and especially to shop. specifically i’m looking for names or descriptions of stores and shopping districts that sell fashions involving things like original pvc, leather or metal outfits and accessories — anything “dark” and futuristic, intimidating remarkable exceptionable & superior styles designs cuts fabrics and lines ranging from goth to fetish to the unclassifiable: things distinct and undeniably “cool.”

i’ll do some of my own research but “real live locals” would have more intimate/underground knowledge presumably so PLEASE ADVISE and also maybe suggest some clubs, restaurants, parties or events that might be wonderful to experience while i’m there. i’ll only be in los angeles for eight days and who knows if i’ll ever come again so i might as well do, see and experience as much as i can that might be especially worthwhile. in advance: thank you EXTREMELY i wholly appreciate it.


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April 30th, 2004

starlas @ 06:26 pm: Hey
I wish I knew more bi girls in person.
Seriously I feel like im the only one in my group of friends- and they all end up thinking im just like a whore or something.
It sucks.
I went to Mexico last weekend and ended up getting a lap dance by a girl..my group was watching and yeah I got turned on..but i felt like everyone was like judging me and this girl we were with gave me a look of disgust. am i a show or something??

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April 29th, 2004

child_of_air @ 04:49 pm: Toys
Sometimes I just feel like men want to own women's sexuality. It feels like if they are not a part of it, they try to make themselves a part of it. Case in point:

A few years ago at Stigmata I met this beautiful girl, whom I had never seen before. I was a little tipsy, so I went up to her and told her she was beautiful. (Something I don't often do.) A half hour later we were all over one another and making out like there was no tomorrow. She kissed wonderfully......but it was no good. Everywhere we went we were hounded by random guys.
Some of them just wanted to watch, which was innoying in itself. Others were trying to touch us, egging us on to go further, and generally trying to include themselves in our sexuality, as if we were their toys putting on a "show".
Granted, we were at a club were a large amount of people were rolling, but it's something that has happened to me all my life. Even when I was in a relationship it happened. Once I went to a party with my girlfriend and we got into the hottub- guys followed us out there on purpose and proceeded to again try to include themselves.

I feel like sometimes alot of men just don't respect the fact that women choose to be with other women. Like in porn, women are showed together just to entertain men, yet the actual porn isn't made for us or even about us. It's usually just straight girls who don't know how to eat pussy, and who don't even make each other cum!
Am I alone in feeling this way? Has anyone had any similar experiences? How did you handle it?
Right now I don't have a girlfriend so I don't have to deal with this issue. But I know it'll come up again, eventually. I'd like to get other people's opinons on the issue.

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April 27th, 2004

anathrax @ 11:17 am: Soooo
Anyone going to Bondage Ball this Friday at the Hollywood Atheletic Club?

Oh yah.. and pictures soon I promise. I just can't seem to get anything done.

I MIGHT go this friday though.

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April 20th, 2004

theraevyn @ 04:52 pm: N3wb
Hi all. Found this community thanks to child_of_air's spamming in acid_kizz =)

Just wanted to introduce myself and say Hi.

I'm 28, a Leo, living in Hollywood. I am bi and polyamourous. I have an utterly shameless display of vanity here. I'm currently in a v. good relationship and interested in meeting other bichix for friendship/hang-out/whatnot.

I am going to school to pursue a bachelours in biology/admin of justice. I work 30 hours a week. I have very little in the way of a social life due to homework and other related nastiness. But I do get out dancing on occasion for the stress relief.

Nice to meetcha, Cheers!

child_of_air @ 03:08 pm: Bathtime
So I plugged this community at four other communities, hopefully we'll see some new faces. It's always been difficult for me to find women that I'm attracted to in LA that happen to either bisexual or lesbian, so I can only imagine it's just as difficult for others.

Anyway, here are more pictures of me- mainly in the tub. Photobucket is a great resource.

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