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Dark Pink with Alaska Highway!

DARK PINK comes again on WEDNESDAY, March 21st

This month featuring LIVE performances by ALASKAHIGHWAY. Check out their website

In addition, we will also have our usual masters of music, DJ DARKFIEND and the ever enchanting DJ WEDNESDAY spinning tunes dark and delicious. And for your viewing pleasure, devilish go-go dancers will be working their magic for you.

Whether gay, bi, lesbian, transgender, transsexual, transcurious or those simply seeking a transfusion of pansylvanian energy, all are welcome.

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Must be 21 or older. $3.00 cover after 10:00pm. The Stone is located at 5221 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood

PARKING There is street parking available, but can be hard to find. If you can't find a spot please be aware there is valet parking less than 2 blocks away at JUMBO'S CLOWN ROOM, 5153 Hollywood, just across the street from PANOS BAKERY,east of THE STONE. Valet parking is $5.
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Live Collide CD, DVD Release date, Darknoise Magazine and more...

Just a little update of the news in Collideland =).

Live at the El Rey (live CD)

We just decided we would also release a live audio CD, to go along with the DVD.
It is available on the store now and will ship on the same date as the DVD.

Pre-Order Now

Like the Hunted (live DVD)

Official release date is Tuesday Dec 6th!!!

Thanks to those of you who have already ordered.

Darknoise Magazine

That's ultra cool =) ... we are listed on the cover of >Darknoise, which is an underground music magazine in Chile. Thanks so much to Alvaro. Inside is an interview with kaRIN and good friend Monica Richards of the band Faith & The Muse.

Rocky Awards

Our eternal thanks to all of you that already voted for us for a Rocky Award for "Best Gothic Band",
If you would still like to vote, or vote again... you can place your vote here.
We are category number 32 of the voting ballot.


Thanks to those of you who offered to place postcards around, they have been sent out and you should receive them very soon.
International ones will take longer.

Art makes the world a better place to be.


Pebbles Baby

Girl Bar

Well, after not going for over two years, I decided to check it out with a friend of mine last Friday. Here are my findings:

Music: Sucked. Pick between top 40 pop, hiphop, and crappy house, and really old hip hop from the 90's. There was nothing remotely being played that I could even dance to. I think I managed to get on the dance floor for about 10 minutes tops, and that was only towards the end of the night after about five drinks.

Drinks: Expensive. 12 bucks for 2 beers- which is even more than Bar Sinister! Ouch. I suggest walking in the door already tipsy if you are planning on getting the most bang for your buck.

Ladies: Not too bad. Amoung the white girls dressed in urban wannabee outfits, I did see about ten really cute girls that I wouldn't have minded talking to. If you like Asians, this is the place to go. The one thing I can say about the crowd is that it was diverse, every ethnicity, sexuality and both butches and lipstick lesbians were present. If you have any sort of preference, than I can safely say that you will most likely find the type of girl you are looking for... That is, if you aren't looking for a gloomy doomy goth girl. Personally, I like girls that are more on the alternative side rather than preppy....but that goes without saying.

Location: Right in the heart of West Hollywood, the location wasn't bad. My only complaint was the long staircase leading up the club, and out to the smoking patio. I wouldn't be surprised if someone has broken her neck already, especially after a few drinks!

Conclusion: If you're the type of person that doesn't mind crap music, or dances to anything while drunk, give girl bar a try. I had the dumb luck of meeting the current promoter, who was very nice and promised to put my friend and I on the list for next week. We had a decent discussion about the club, and she very honestly let me know that she wants to include every type of woman as the clientele. Meaning, go there if you aren't trendy. ;)
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Pebbles Baby


I just read the part about having to have this community on your friends list, which I guess I don't like. Normally I don't put communities on my friends list for the main reason being that any person in the group can then access my "friends only" entries, which kind of scares me. I write some very personal information in my journal.

So I guess if I'm going to be deleted, I'm going to be deleted. *shrug*
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