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Bi Goth Girls Los Angeles

Make friends, Hook-up, Chat, ect.

Bi Goth Girls L.A.
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Bi Goth Girls Los Angeles

There are just a few members at this time. Membership is open to Los Angeles/So Cal residents at this time. Please join and pass the word around so that this community can grow and be lot's of fun! Be really into this, stay active or don't join! Thanks.

Clubs/Events we attend:

- Perversion
- Dungeon
- Das Bunker [bi weekly]
- Bar Sinister
- Release the Bats in L.B.
- Fang Club [bi weekly]
- Funeral
- Dark Bar
- Wumpskate
- Bondage Ball [seasonal]

This is a community for like minded alternative/goth/fetish/industrial females living in the So Cal area to hook-up, chat, make friends, post pics, flirt ect. Please do not join unless you are also active in the Goth/Industrial scene, or lifestyle. To put it nicely, you don't have to be *uber goth* just have an understanding as to what this is all about. Mostly we go to clubs and listen to music that we can't just hear if we turn on the radio, we wear a certain style, ect.

If you can not relate there is a really good community for bi females in los angeles here bi_lesbians_la .

This community was inspired by the website Gothic Match while claiming no affiliations. The community is closely monitored by it's maintainer only to control the authenticity of it's purpose. Most people will be accepted, although maintanance reserves the right to delete anyone off the list for any reason at anytime. No assholes or rude people. Only requirements are:

~ You are female.

~ You are over 18 years of age.

~ You share a comman interest in the lifestyles displayed within this community.

~ You keep things to the point. No off posts about your wonderful cats ect..

~ You have an interest in meeting other women to hang out with, date, have fun with or just to simply make friends.

~ You post real non-fradulant images of yourself upon joining the community or whenever you have time to introduce yourself. Photobucket is currently the recommended source of reliable image hosting that you can use to post pics. Pics can be as slutty, extreme or racy as you want them to be, nudity is ok and even encouraged, it really does not matter as long as you post under a courtesy "Not *Work Friendly*" tag and that you are over 18 years of age.

~ Most importantly that you are a current resident of the So Cal/Los Angeles area or will be in the near future.

~ If your images are not sized down, you must use the lj cut tag out of courtesy for other members with slow connections.